Photography services

Location Time Lapse photography at industrial sites or corporate settings for annual report photography, brochure, trade show, public relations, product shot, catalogue, editorial publications and architectural photography.

Planning your photography shoot

ImageWhen planning your photography, here are some points and some questions to assist you in your preparation. Have the end in mind. What are the photographs for? (eg internal newsletter, national magazine article, website profile, annual report etc).

Are you after individual or groups photographs?

What style would best serve your needs?

We will discuss styles with you that will suit your company. If you want to look for ideas, have a look at our galleries, magazines, the web and at what your competition is doing, always thinking from how you would like your company represented.

Which Background: There are many options for backgrounds for your portraits. You can use the office environment, we have a range of paper backgrounds, even the view from your office can be used.

Look your best: Ask people to dress as though they are representing the company and giving a talk to a large group of potential clients.

Dressing so the clothes don't distract and communicate your company's values. Simple dark colours work best.

If you are planning to have your people photographed in their business shirts, have them bring a freshly ironed shirt for the shoot.

Retouching: Whether it be a subtle cosmetic touch up or adding people to group shots. We are sure we can accommodate your requests.

Hair & Makeup:
Hair and makeup can be arranged for a reasonable hourly rate if requested.

Logistics: The ideal space to shoot is cleared meeting rooms or board rooms for space and privacy. 5x4 metres is an ideal minimum space for head and shoulders portraits, and we can make any space you have work.

Scheduling your shoot: Depending on the style, here is the suggested scheduling of a head and shoulders shoot.

Setup - 20min

Hair & Makeup(if required) - 15min/person

Portrait Photography - individual 10 min/person

Groups of 5-10 - 15 min

Groups of 10+ - 20 min

Hair & Makeup removal (if required) - 5min/person

Pack Up 20min

Delivery: Our standard practice is after your shoot we send a contact proof of all shots via email, you make your selections then we optimise your selected files for your range of purposes and deliver 2 sets of CDs.

We can of course accommodate any special requests you have with delivery.

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