Photography services

Location Time Lapse photography at industrial sites or corporate settings for annual report photography, brochure, trade show, public relations, product shot, catalogue, editorial publications and architectural photography.

Environmental Policy

Image One's policy is to accomplish a high standard of environmental awareness and concern in conducting our business in commercial design, printing, web design, video production & professional photography industries.

Our Company's aims are:-

1. To carry out the company's business in an approach that is environmentally friendly, and understands the changing community values and outlook as well as to act in accordance with all relevant environmental legislations and regulations.

2. To conserve resources used by the company in the carrying out of business, including the continuation of effective energy conservation strategies.

3. To accomplish ongoing development in environmental management and the reduction of pollution and waste resources.

4. To supervise and alter the company's environmental activities, to ensure compliance with changing laws, standards and community attitudes while maximising the efficient use of resources.

5. Image One must work in partnership with suppliers, customers, government bodies, and community organizations to help protect and improve the environment and our use of its resources.