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Location Time Lapse photography at industrial sites or corporate settings for annual report photography, brochure, trade show, public relations, product shot, catalogue, editorial publications and architectural photography.

Time Lapse Photography Service

setup_camera.jpgThe construction process of a warehouse with our timelapse remote control camera.

As you can see the camera was mounted to a beam close to the top of the building where it happily photographed for the duration of project.

The images were taken every 2 minutes from dawn to dusk, 10 hours a day, Monday to Saturday, 6 days a week for over 10 weeks.

The camera time lapse equipment photographed individual images stored as Hi-Res 10mb images using a modified industry standard Nikon professional SLR Camera, with a wide angle Nikon lens monuted to suit the site perspective.



Final promotional DVD as supplied to client



Timelapse construction building of deck and pergola (7 day construction time-lapse)



Timelapse NYE 2009 Council Cleaners - Sydney's Customs House



Timelapse construction of green house building - Sydney Taylor Square



Timelapse final crop and edit

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